At LoveYourSelfToHealth.Info we believe in Hippocratic wisdom teaching:


“First, do no harm…”


We are passionate about a holistic approach to HEALTH – “Health is Your First Wealth” as Emerson wrote and we truly believe that when you are healthy, well and fit, you can live an amazing life of joy, abundance and freedom.

At love yourself to health we believe that your best health comes from much more than the physical, to truly BE HEALTHY is to accept and love yourself unconditionally for that creates an environment for us to thrive, be energised and enthused about life and living.

Here, you will find articles and news that have been inspiring us to live a healthy, conscious life, to find out how to prevent diseases, what to eat, how to eat, how to heal, how to love oneself and share one’s well being with others.

We are Natalia & Joakim, Polish-Swedish couple, passionate about sharing news focusing on multitudes of ways a person can achieve optimal health, live and create their best life.

Our background includes media, marketing, business, life and health coaching. Collectively we have spent 1000’s of hours studying, researching and living the methods we are presenting, the super foods, the gifts of nature that you can discover here.

We love to eat plant based and source from nature’s most potent creations, observe and experience the powerful shifts in our health on all levels.

Our Vision is to infect others with the passion of spreading the empowering news so that we and our world can heal!

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To Your Best Health! Much Love and Thank You!

Natalia & Joakim Hansson, founders

Natalia & Joakim Hansson founders LoveYoutSelfToHealth.info

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