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Morning Friends:) 🌺

Some of your have already noticed that I’ve started sharing more and more of my life TRANSFORMATION with Superfoods and some of you are still used to my work with UP NOW Costa Blanca

I just wanted to let you know about my revived coaching business as it really is becoming bigger and bigger part of my life.

Now, I’m focusing on both film production and promoting superfoods and the two complement each other greatly:)


Joakim & I love our life on the Costa Blanca and the amazing quality and variety it offers, we love the nature here, the people and we also love the culinary scene – we are spoiled for choice😁

I am so grateful for the film production business I have with Torben here, because it allowed me to truly explore the area and meet many amazing businesses owners.

💕However my heart has always been with promoting healthy, balanced lifestyle and that is why I am posting more and more about superfoods, so that those of you who are looking to be healthier, fitter, more joyful, peaceful and balanced can benefit from the information:)

Joakim and I, can now enjoy it all, we can eat our superfoods and organic food and we can also go out and eat out guilt free:) because we let the superfoods offset the effects of the wine and the food that is rarely, really organic:)🌱🌻

So, we enjoy the best of two world:)


You can try it as well, risk free because I have a 50 EUR/USD gift card with your name on it 💕

Just reach out and ask for it, send me a PM or comment here, whatever is best for you:)

TODAY, I would like to share more about another of my favourite superfoods – Aloe Vera.

( In my previous post I focused on Astaxantin red algae and how it can protect you from sun radiation from inside out, I’ll tell you all about it when you reach out to me😁)

Now, Aloe Vera – I am sure you have all heard about its healing powers, but did you know that Hippocrates called it “potted doctor”?


Well, its healing powers are enormous and the spectrum is incredibly vast, from digestive issues, to skin healing from inside out to helping in very serious conditions.

But…there are thousands of varieties of Aloe Vera and not all of them were created equal…

Meet – Aloe Barbadensis Miller the most amazing of them all:)

Did you know that it takes 25-30 days to develop new skin cells?

But…when you take Aloe Barbadensis Miller internally expect rejuvenation in 6-8 days!

What else can it do for you?

👉 helps to heal burns, cuts faster
👉helps stabilise blood glucose
👉stimulates the adjustment of the PH in your body – try it when you experience heart burn!
👉excellent mineral & enzyme source
👉can help suppress tumours because it helps keep antioxidants longer in the blood and…the list goes on – even more in the article below…

I use it together with our 🍒Apothe Cherry ( I am a brand partner of Purium/Platinum Superfoods), combined together before bedtime not only does it facilitate great sleep and detoxes during the night,
but…the serious studies show that it helps prevent & fight many types of cancer, and ladies – breast cancer, especially important if you have the genetic predisposition to that cancer (

Remember – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

And now Purium has a special offer buy 3, get 1 for FREE.
Not only this aloe vera is the purest extract you can find, it is 40 x more potent:)

Make sure to Claim Your 50 EUR/USD gift card 🌺

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller…

By Middle Path Natural Health

Aloe is a member of the Lily family, yet it is very cactus-like in appearance. Even though there are over 240 species of Aloe there is only four recognized as having nutritional value. The main Aloe used in commercial products is Aloe barbadensis miller. Aloe mainly grows in the dry regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and America as well as in Australia.

The aloe leaf contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins makes for a high quality Aloe Drink. You only use the nutritious inner gel – not the outer rind of the leaf. Adding Aloe Vera to a smoothy or vegetable juice is one of the most nutritious drinks you can have. Aloe has a nauseating bitter taste, rendering it unusable in cooking, but this very property protects it in the wild as animals will move on to tastier treats. It is an easy plant to grow and requires little care other than protecting it from frost.

Aloe requires temperatures above 40 degrees to grow properly and due to this most Aloe plants are grown in pots that can be moved indoors when the cool weather approaches. It will tolerate poor soil and little water and the growing conditions very much resemble those used for growing cactus, i.e. good drainage and as much sun as possible. In spring and summer allow the soil to become moderately dry before watering, but in winter, let the soil dry completely before adding water. An Aloe plant will survive in the same pot for many years and it appears that Aloes prefer somewhat crowded roots, so don’t think you are doing this plant a favour by potting it up in a big roomy pot. If you must repot this plant, do it in the late winter or spring.

Knowledge about Aloe healing properties has been passed down from the ancients. It is used both internally and topically and has been well documented to facilitate healing of any kind of skin wounds, burns or scalds, even speeding recovery time after surgery. Situations to try it on include blisters, insect bites, rashes, sores, herpes, athlete’s foot, fungus, vaginal infections, conjunctivitis, sties, allergic reactions, and dry skin.

The raw plant is best and can be purchased at herbal nurseries and many markets. Other topical uses include acne, sunburn if you have had too much sunlight, frostbite (it appears to prevent decreased blood flow), shingles, screening out x-ray radiation, psoriasis, preventing scarring, rosacea, warts, wrinkles from aging, and eczema. Internally Aloe is showing real promise in the fight against AIDS, and the virus has become undetectable in some patients who used it on a regular basis, due to its immune system stimulant properties. It also seems to help prevent opportunistic infections in cases of HIV and AIDS.

It appears to be of help in cancer patients including lung cancer by activating the white blood cells and promoting growth of non-cancerous cells. The National Cancer Institute has included Aloe in their recommendations for increased testing because of these apparent cancer fighting properties. Taken orally Aloe also appears to work on heartburn, arthritis and rheumatism pain and asthma, and studies have shown that it has an effect on lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics.

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