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Dr Mercola | February, 2018


One of your most precious senses is your eyesight. It’s easy to take the gift of sight for granted, until it starts to fail.

Studies show that eye health ranks #4 among consumer health interests in the U.S. – suggesting that millions have friends or relatives who worry about getting the nutrients they need for maintaining healthy vision.

But now you can say goodbye to your worries about nutrition for eye health…*

If you’re a Baby Boomer over 55, in my opinion, there are many actions you can take to support your eye health. Studies show people over age 60 may need even more support. You may also need additional vision support if you share any of these characteristics:

Healthy vision may seem like a distant concern when you’re young.

But if you spend a lot of time staring at a computer, you may already need additional support for your eye health. The increased use of computers and video display terminals (VDTs) at home and work has led to an increased need for vision-supporting supplements.

Unfortunately, most doctors would likely say your options are limited.

But, in my opinion, they would be wrong.

As you’re already likely aware, it is possible to help prevent free radical damage by careful attention to what you eat and prudent supplementation.* More on that in a moment.

But first…

Your eye is an incredibly complex and miraculous organ, allowing you to see sharply and engage fully in life.

To gain a bit more of an appreciation of the complexity (without burying you in details) refer to the image on the right, as I explain the function of each part:

After light enters your pupil, it hits the lens – which focuses those light rays on the back of your eyeball – the retina.


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