Seven Fabulous Foods to Boost Brain Function and Prevent Memory Loss

Seven Fabulous Foods to Boost Brain Function and Prevent Memory Loss | December, 2017

Dr. Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FAAFP, FACN, CNS

Your brain is what makes you human. It brings you pleasure, memories, solves your problems, and connects you with Mother Nature. Without memory, we require constant care from family, friends, or total strangers, and we become a burden on the people we love the most, and none of us want that to happen. You can live with a transplanted heart, liver, or other organ, but not without your brain.

And likely the most important factor that impacts whether you brain is functioning optimally, or declining and shrinking, is the food you choose to eat every day. Do you or your loved ones find yourselves forgetting names of people you know? Where you put your keys, wallet, or glasses? Maybe not able to recall items on your to-do-list after a meeting?

How about not able to remember where you parked your car? Even worse, do you have trouble concentrating when you read, so that you have to re-read a passage? If you or a family member have these symptoms, it’s concerning. Part of the reason memory loss is so scary is that the rate of Alzheimer’s disease is increasing at alarming epidemic rates. In fact, studies show that the number of victims is predicted to increase by 200 percent in just the next 12-14 years!

That means double the risk, so when you forget something, naturally your first thought may be, am I losing my memory?

So let’s make sure you take steps to boost your brain function, and prevent memory loss—by starting with foods that nourish your brain. Let’s focus on seven amazing foods that improve brain function:

1.         Green leafy and other nutrient dense vegetables
2.         Omega-3 rich seafood
3.         Olive oil





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