How to Protect and Boost Brain Function With a Simple Exercise…

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music and boosting brain funcion


There is no doubt that playing a musical instrument such as the piano or guitar can be a fun hobby and a great way to meet friends, but that isn’t the only benefit. New research shows that regular practice may also protect against age or disease-related mental decline. The findings strengthen previous evidence that links mental ability to playing music, and shows that spending even moderate amounts of time on this activity can have a benefit.

For this study, researchers compared groups of young adults based on their lifetime number of accumulated hours of practicing a musical instrument. They were tested on their abilities to complete various mental tasks, such as the widely used conflict test known as the Stroop test. In this test, participants are shown the names of colors written in mismatching colors, and are asked to name the color of each word.

The results show that those with more accumulated hours of practice had a faster response speed than non-musicians and no less accuracy. More well-practiced musicians had a “better engagement of cognitive control processes,” meaning they had faster reaction times and better ability to correct mistakes. They were also less likely to go back and adjust their responses when they made mistakes, as this is not practical when performing on stage or rehearsing in groups.

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