Powerful Anticancer Properties of Spinach

Spinach Consumption Shown to Reduce Ovarian, Prostate Cancer Risk

Elizabeth Renter | Natural Society

spinach and cancer

Some foods produce unhealthy results like obesity, heart disease and even cancer. Other foods help you to avoid these health risks while simultaneously increasing the body’s natural defenses against illness and diseases like cancer. In fact, there are numerous foods that are tremendous when it comes to cancer prevention, with some research showing that spinach is among these powerful foods.

Several studies in recent years have linked the powerful compounds of spinach to far more than muscle strength. Though Popeye may have popularized the plant as a nutritious, muscle-building food, he didn’t tell us it was useful for cancer prevention and treatment.
According to NaturalNews, one study from Harvard Medical Center found a connection between the intake of flavonoids and lowered risk of ovarian cancer. Of some 67,000 women surveyed over a period of 14 years, those with the greatest intake of flavonoids (found highly concentrated in spinach) were 40% less likely to develop ovarian cancer—a disease that killed about 15,000 U.S. women in 2004 despite about $2.2 billion spent on it annually.

Also from Harvard, apigenin was identified as the flavanoid with the most anti-ovarian cancer powers. Apigenin concentration is highest in spinach and parsley, and is also found in celery.

For prostate health, spinach offers similar benefits. Published in the Journal of Nutrition, one study found that a carotenoid called neoxanthin induces prostate cancer cell death. It also prevents their reproduction. This year alone, the American Cancer Society estimates more than 238,000 men will be newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and READ MORE: http://naturalsociety.com/spinach-reduces-ovarian-prostate-cancer-risk/#ixzz3PB8jRsbw 


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