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Achieve Independent Health With Your Optimized Nutrition Plan: Getting Started

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Welcome to the condensed version of my nutrition plan that can have a powerful and dramatic influence on your ability to achieve optimal health.

My program comes from decades of experience in which I have researched extensively, conferred with my professional colleagues, and most importantly, successfully treated tens of thousands of patients.

Many are struggling with weight issues, facing some disease or condition, or fighting inexplicable fatigue or lethargy. If that applies to you, I am certain that if you adhere to the recommendations summarized below, and presented in full in my best-selling book, Take Control of Your Health, they will help you achieve the happy and healthy life you so richly deserve.

So what makes this nutrition program different from all the other diets you’ve tried?

It’s based on fact. There are no miracle cures here, just tools to help you understand your body and achieve optimum health.

It seems that many of the world’s leading dietary experts adopted one-size-fits-all dietary solutions that they believe can be universally applied. While there are indeed certain universal truths, such as the danger of sugar and toxins, my experience has taught me that a one-size-fits-all dietary approach simply doesn’t work very well.

Fact: One person’s food may be another person’s poison.

Just as it is obvious that we all differ tremendously with respect to our outward physical appearance, we also have a unique biochemistry and genetics. You and I process foods and utilize nutrients differently. Therefore, when you adopt a diet based on your specific “nutritional type,” you will resolve most health disorders and achieve optimum health.

When you apply a symptom-oriented approach to your health problems you will often experience temporary relief. Unfortunately, your problems never really go away. They simply shift to other parts of your body, or shortly return.

In contrast, when you address your nutritional type – your unique biochemical needs, which are based on your specific genetics – your health problems are addressed at the foundational level, and you are far more likely to achieve a permanent solution for regaining your health.

Fact: You won’t be hungry.

You need not worry about being hungry on this plan. One of the signs and benefits of addressing your specific nutritional needs is that your hunger pains will rapidly resolve. When you finally balance your nutritional needs, your food cravings will simply disappear, and you will wake up each day with more than enough energy. If this isn’t happening, then this is your giant clue that you are not giving your body something it needs, and you need to modify your READ MORE:



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