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We eat too much processed and fast food.

Corn in some form is contained in almost every processed food we buy.

The way food is grown and produced harms our health, small farms, and the environment, and treats the animals that become our food horrendously.

… These are all things we know about the condition of food and health in the US, but nothing makes these messages clearer than the following five powerful food documentaries.

These movies will change the way you eat and live, and completely open your eyes to the state of food in the US.

King Corn

2007’s King Corn tells the story of two college friends who move from Boston to Iowa to grow and farm corn. Through the eyes of these two new farmers, we learn about the growing role corn plays in American society.

We see how the industrial production of corn has harmed family farms and public and environmental health, and that this is a trend that isn’t isolated to corn farming, but rather a symptom of the way we grow and produce food in the US.

Super-Size Me

This famous film from 2004 follows narrator and star Morgan Spurlock as he eats nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days straight. Very quickly into the experiment, he develops numerous health problems—both physical and READ MORE:

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