Hear What Happened When This Adorable 65-Year Old Woman With Cancer Took Mushrooms

healing cancer with mushrooms

Jeff Roberts | Collective Evolution

When 65 year-old psychotherapist Estalyn Walcoff was diagnosed with a type of untreatable lymphoma 5 years ago, she could barely handle the news.

She explains (seen in the video below), that the prognosis only perpetuated her already present anxiety, something she’d faced throughout her life.

But Estalyn was determined to stay positive, repeating positive affirmations such as “even though no one else has made it, it’s possible that I can.“

Another shift came with Estalyn’s new-found desire to look inwards, to discover who she really was. She knew she didn’t want a bitter heart, and she became curious if incorporating a spiritual outlook into her life would help prevent this attitude from ever manifesting.

It was soon after that Estalyn came across a study looking for new test patients. The study involved the consumption of psilocybin, the active ingredient in ‘magic mushrooms’, with hopes in treating anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

“I read about it online, and I read it once and then I closed it. Then I read it again, and said “I qualify for that!’, so I traveled down to New York City for an initial screening interview,  I traveled [there] several times for psychotherapy sessions with my two psychiatrists, Jeffrey Guss and Seema Desai. They were with me during the dosing, and for subsequent psychotherapy sessions.”
The sessions took place at NYU, where Estalyn explains the researchers did an excellent job at READ MORE at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/12/19/hear-what-happened-when-this-65-year-old-woman-with-cancer-took-mushrooms/

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