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10 Plants That Work Better Than Pills

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Before the advent of modern medicine, ancient cultures used what they had readily available to them out in nature to heal their bodies of various diseases and ailments. They couldn’t go to a pharmacy and pick up anti-anxiety medication or decongestants – they used their instincts and best judgement to work with nature and heal themselves naturally. Prescription medications might get rid of the problem, but they come with a slew of unwanted side effects that even include death, in some cases.

Not to mention, a study published by the UK-based group Alliance for Natural Health International revealed that you have a 900 times greater chance of dying from food poisoning from taking prescription drugs rather than supplements, and a 62,000 times higher chance of dying from adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs compared to supplements. Drugs also have a 7,750 times higher chance of killing you than herbal remedies.

So, with that knowledge in mind, you might want to throw out the prescription painkillers and other medicines you have lying around the house, and turn back to nature for healing instead.


Medical marijuana can treat and heal many different ailments and disorders, making it one of the most versatile, powerful plants known to man. According to studies, it can treat glaucoma, improve lung health, stop seizures, heal cancer, decrease anxiety, slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s, eases pain, stops muscle spasms, helps sufferers of PTSD, eases arthritis pain, and much more. Other studies have even found that marijuana can help heal broken bones. As you can see, cannabis has the potential to cure people of many different ailments, and without the nasty side effects from prescription medications.

Originally, ancient cultures such as the Aztecs used cacao for medicinal purposes, and they even used it as currency because they considered the seeds highly valuable. The Guna people of northeastern Panama drink cacao up to five times per day, and have almost no recorded cases of hypertension. In America and other westernized nations, most people recognize cacao from candy bars, but unfortunately, most candy today contains 10% or less cacao, and most of the ingredients have been heavily processed.

If you want to get the full benefits of cacao, which include everything from lowering blood pressure to preventing cardiovascular disease to reducing stress, make sure to buy either raw, pure cacao powder, or buy candy bars that have the highest amount of cacao you can find, with few other added ingredients.

In the Chinese culture, people use red yeast rice as both a food and medicine. Red yeast rice contains some of the same properties as prescription statin medications used to lower cholesterol; one of these chemicals is called monacolin K, which has the same chemical properties as the drug Mevacor. Many studies have shown that red yeast rice can effectively lower READ MORE:

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