How Superfoods Can Boost Your Health…

7 Superb Superfoods: Are You Eating Any of These Today?

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Dr. Mercola has repeatedly stressed the importance healthy, and wholesome foods. A balanced and nutritionally dense diet can influence up to 80 percent of your fitness goals, while only 20 percent is impacted by exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits.

The sad news is that many Americans do not understand “healthy eating” is, and are ignorant as to which foods provide the most benefits. They foolishly consume unhealthy processed and fast foods, and ignore entire healthy food groups such as raw vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, and high-quality animal protein.

If you want to reach optimal health by making modifications to your diet, one obvious addition would be to include plenty of superfoods.

What Are ‘Superfoods?’

Dr. Steven Pratt is the man who coined the term “superfood” and is the author of the book “Superfoods Rx: Fourteen Superfoods That Will Change Your Life”. He established several criteria that an item must meet in order to be considered a “superfood”:

  • They must be accessible to most people
  • They are loaded with essential nutrients that promote good health and enhance longevity
  • Their health benefits should be supported by peer-reviewed, scientific studies

If you search the word “superfood” on the Web today, chances are you’ll come across numerous types of food that will meet these qualifications. However, there are some select items that surpass even their fellow superfoods in healthful goodness.

7 ‘Super’ Superfoods

Dr. Mercola lists his 7 favorites in this infographic, 7 Superb Superfoods to Power Up Your READ MORE:

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