Why You Really Should Eliminate Commercial Sodas…

NataliaPH | March 3rd 2015

Are you also a fan of sodas? This distinct, addictive flavor of pepsi or coke? I used to love it, but then I realized how it affected my moods, my weight, my eating habits and when I connected the dots, I stopped drinking it.

I was particularly fond of diet sodas, naturally thinking that it would help me manage weight…Nothing further from the truth…

It took conscious awareness and observation to be able to see what this stuff did to my body and how in fact it made me hungrier, more anxious and tired…

I slowly eliminated it from my nutrition along with any other processed and artificially created foods. I fell in love with sparkling water with organic apple cider vinegar instead. Sure, it doesn’t taste the same, it is an acquired taste and in time it taste better and better, now I love it!

I had to retrain my tasting buds and now if I taste commercial sodas, I feel, well, not good…I can taste the artificial ingredients and I wonder how I was able to drink it before…

Here is a great article Christina Sarich wrote for Natural Society about sodas and their devastating influence on our health, she also writes about several great alternatives to sodas, so I hope you will try them!

To Your Health, much love, Natalia PH

Christina Sarich | Natural News

We know that consumers of sugar-sweetened cola are already at risk for diabetes, obesity, and various other diseases, but the risks don’t end there. The millions of people consuming more than 1,970 milliliters of soda a day around the world are also at risk for cancer, specifically due to a carcinogenic chemical in the form of caramel coloring.

Caramel coloring is totally unnecessary, and is used only to make the color of soda more “appealing,” to consumers. Unfortunately, it could be raising your risk of getting cancer every time you drink a soda containing it. Adolescents are especially at risk since they tend to consume soft drinks most frequently. (Not to mention that even many ‘natural’ sodas are being sold with GMO sugar inside, with their own detrimental health effects.)

An analysis conducted via laboratory tests by Consumer Reports last year on 11 different soft drinks found that as little as one can a day could be enough to expose individuals to a potentially cancer-causing chemical known as 4-MEI (short for 4-methylimidazole).

4-MEI is formed during the manufacturing of caramel color that is added to many widely-consumed beverages.

“There’s no reason why consumers should be exposed to an avoidable and unnecessary risk that can stem from coloring food brown,” commented toxicologist Dr. Urvashi Rangan, executive director of Consumer Reports’ Food Safety & Sustainability Center.

Only in California do soft-drinks currently have to have a warning label which states they contain the carcinogenic 4-MEI, but only if they “contain enough to pose a risk.” (29 mcg of 4-MEI every day.)

The problem is that of the 110 samples of various brands of soda tested by John Hopkins Center for a Livable future and Consumer Reports, is that soda contained varying levels of 4-MEI – from 9.5 mcg per liter to 963 mcg per liter.

The researchers concluded:

“Routine consumption of certain beverages can result in 4-MEI exposures greater than

Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/5-great-natural-substitutes-for-cancer-causing-soda/



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