You Won’t Believe How Much Pesticide You’re Eating Every Day

Christina Sarich | Natural Society

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Bypassing the regular rhetoric proposed by GMO supporters that they are ‘substantially equivalent to non-GM crops,’ I’d like to offer another strain of inquiry. Putting the transgenic technology that has allowed most genetically modified crops to exist, aside, why don’t we look at something else that is perhaps even more alarming about continuing to plant genetically modified seed – like pesticides.

The fact is that over 99% of GMO acreage is engineered by chemical companies to tolerate heavy herbicide (glyphosate) use and/or produce insecticide (Bt) in every cell of every plant over the entire growing season. This alone should cause any level headed scientist or farmer to take note.

If then, more than 80% of the ‘staple’ crops in the US are planted with GM varieties of corn, soy, and cotton, then we can assume that we are all eating a big heaping helping of those herbicides and pesticides, right?

One doesn’t naturally follow the other, but a recent study titled, “Pesticide Use on Genetically Engineered Crops” and published by Dr. Ramon J. Seidler, Ph.D., former Senior Scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency, proves that this is in fact true.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) writes in a report:

“Genetically engineered (GE) varieties with pest management traits became commercially available for major crops in 1996. More than 15 years later, adoption of these varieties by U.S. farmers is widespread and U.S. consumers eat many products derived from GE crops—including cornmeal, oils, and sugars—largely unaware that these products were derived from GE crops. [Emphasis Added] Despite the rapid increase in the READ MORE: 


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