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6 Strategies to Eliminate Depression


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“I’ve struggled with depression for years, and my doctor wants to put me on yet another anti-depressant,” my reader writes. “Are drugs, and the side effects they bring, my only option?”

If you struggle with feeling hopeless, sad, or otherwise mentally fragile, you’re not alone. More than 100 million Americans – that’s literally one in three – struggle through life with a depression.

Pharmaceutical companies are quick to pick up on this broken brain problem, but conventional medicine cannot cure it.

With its symptom-based medicine approach, conventional medicine tackles depression completely wrong. Rather than determine what actually creates that depression, many doctors immediately reach for their prescription pad.

That explains why one in 10 Americans today uses antidepressants, while more than eight million children are taking stimulants like Ritalin.

These statistics are not normal.

Let’s say you complain to your doctor about chronic feelings of sadness and despair. He or she might say you have a disease called “depression,” but depression is not the cause of your sadness and despair. It’s just a name we use to group people together for the purpose of giving them all the same drug therapy.

Feel sad and full of despair? You have “depression” and need an “antidepressant!” Case closed.

But it isn’t.

Conventional medicine fails to address what causes those feelings and why they differ from one person to the next.

Let me give you an example to drive home my point. You and another person both have a “headache.”  Your pain is created by drinking too much wine every night, while his results from being hit on the head with the empty bottle every night. It’s the same label, but entirely different causes.

Obviously, these two chronic headaches can’t be cured in the same way, because their root causes are different.

Yet that approach is exactly what the current medical community takes to READ MORE:

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