The Art of Self-Love

Alexandra Harra | Huffington Post

love yourself to your best life

I am a lover and a giver. I give without regret or restraint and rarely expect anything in return. Admittedly, this combination can be lethal to my well-being.

I know many like me and see a discouraging pattern: those who have it in their nature to love without limits ironically impede the pathways of self-love. The more they love another, it seems, the less they are able to love themselves.

Along with many other things in life, introspection and inner evolution taught me an invaluable lesson in caring for myself. Having recently escaped a five-year relationship, I found my love levels dangerously low. My adoring energy had been exhausted on another person and now I, newly single, was left unknowing how to rebuild that force within me… until a stranger gave me the answer.

A man standing next to me on New Year’s Eve casually asked what I did for a living. I told him I managed my mom’s psychology business, to which he replied, “Do you know there’s one answer to your clients’ problems? It’s simple: have a love affair with yourself. But don’t tell them that, or you won’t have a business!” He chuckled and wandered off. Committing to memory his words, I took the fleeting encounter as a signal to live out the coming year differently. I resolved to make this a year in which I practiced the art of self-love.

My journey began with a few simple questions: had I really lost any love for myself, or had I stubbornly stowed it under a layer of false admiration for another? Could it be that my self-love was just as intact as it was five years ago? I would come to find out that there was nothing missing within me — nothing wrong with me and nothing that I didn’t deserve. Through honest reflection and a mindful shift, I rediscovered the secret hiding place of my self-love. It was all there where I had left it — perfectly, wholly and plainly there, shrouded by a veil of self-imposed doubt, which I immediately worked to remove.


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