How To Reawaken Holiday Magic…6 Great Tips!

6 Ways To Bring Back The Holiday Magic
Do You Believe?

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Do you believe in magic? Do you have faith in what cannot be seen? When I was a child I had an unwavering belief in magic; however, when I was nine years old, my best friend told me that Santa didn’t exist. She said her older brothers had finally told her the truth. I wondered…How could Santa not be real? He wrote me letters, ate my cookies, and left toys next to the fireplace. Not wanting to fall prey to the world of my friend’s non-believing brothers, I figured I’d better have some proof of Santa’s existence. So, I decided to investigate. I wrote Santa a note and asked straight out, “Are you real?” I hid the note under a statue on the hearth. If Santa Claus were indeed real (and not my parents, as my friend had told me), he’d be able to find it because he had magical powers. My parents knew about my plan, but I hadn’t told them where I’d hidden the note.

Early Christmas morning, in my pink pajamas, I made a beeline for the living room where I was overjoyed to find a letter addressed to me in Santa’s loopy script. I grabbed the letter, so excited I could barely breathe, and ran into my parents’ room, waking them with my shouting. “He’s real! He’s real! Santa said he was too busy to look for the note, but he wants me to know that he really is real.” That was all the proof I needed.

My parents and I now look back on this moment with such fondness. My belief in magic was so strong that it couldn’t be shaken, even when Santa couldn’t find my note. Years later, my mom told me how she’d scoured the house looking for the hidden note. Finally, when she couldn’t think of anywhere else to search, she came up with the idea of writing the letter. Here is a picture of me as a young girl on Santa’s lap:

By age eleven I understood that it was my parents who delivered the gifts, but to this day I fervently believe in the magic of the season. The spirit of Santa lives on in my heart. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of family gatherings, the stress of feeling like there’s too much to do, and the anxiety of overindulging and spending too much. The holidays are also a time when it’s pretty easy to feel lonely. But, when you connect with the true essence of the season, you can reignite the wonderment you felt as a child while watching the first snowfall or listening for the bell-chime that would announce an angel had gotten his READ MORE:

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