Avoid These New Year’s Resolutions To Help You Achieve Your Goals…

14 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Bad Ideas

Sara Schapmann | Livestrong.com

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Overview Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Right around the end of the year (or the beginning of a new year), people create their lists of vows to stop bad habits and start positive ones. Individuals have long embarked on the quest for self-improvement at the beginning of each new year to varying degrees of success. You may have even set some for yourself in years past. From dieting and fitness to relationships and finances, before you pen this year’s list of New Year’s resolutions, keep reading to learn how to avoid setting yourself up for potential failure and instead set realistic, attainable goals.

1. Fixating on a Number on the Scale Don’t get caught up in the numbers game. Setting your sights on a do-or-die weight can create problems. Not only do you risk feeling discouraged if you don’t hit your ideal weight as quickly as you’d like, but if you’ve also started an exercise program, you’re likely losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. “As you are building lean muscle and reducing your overall body fat, you may notice the number on the scale staying static or actually increasing,” says Ashley Yandle, fitness expert and owner of Ashley Lane Fitness. Instead of focusing on reaching that magic number, create resolutions that center around inches lost or fitting into a certain (realistic) size of jeans or dress.

2. Vague Resolutions to “Be Better” Becoming “better” is a resolution that sounds great in theory but can set you up for failure. Betsy Sobiech, personal growth and development expert and founding partner of Tiara International, LLC, warns goal makers to be careful of the “er” trap. “Get healthier. Be better. Work harder. These are potential traps because they can never be accomplished,” she says. “You won’t know when you have accomplished enough or have reached your milestone.” Instead, craft a goal that will clearly demonstrate that this area of life is important. For example, you could replace a resolution such as, “be a better friend” with “send handmade birthday cards” or “plan that girls’ weekend READ MORE:  http://www.livestrong.com/slideshow/1009143-14-new-years-resolutions-bad-ideas

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