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Though Dr. Dyer is no longer with us, his words of advice resound as true today as they ever do…Empower yourself by reading this inspired piece on simple truths that can help you live and create your best life…Here is an interview conducted with Dr Dyer by Glenn Paskin of Family Circle Magazine…

Seven Secrets Of A Joyful Life

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You need to take time to get quiet, to go within.

How do we create the lives we dream of? To many, the way to prosperity and emotional contentment is dogged determination and sheer resolve, which is the approach prized by super-achievers driven by discipline and hard work. The logic? The more single-minded we become, the greater chance we have of success.

Not true! Psychologist Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., author of 22 self-empowerment books, describes a new approach to fulfillment in his latest book, also a PBS TV special, titled
The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way (Hay House).

Rather than trying to control the world around us, Dyer believes we can allow our natural abilities and positive traits to emerge by tapping into what he calls the Power of Intention: the capacity for joy, creativity and kindness built into each of us.

“Intention is not something you do,” says Dyer, “but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy—a power that can carry us.”

Where is this field? “Where is it not?” exclaims the 63-year-old, speaking from his home in Maui. “A caterpillar, a tiny acorn, an apple blossom all have intention built into them. That caterpillar becomes a butterfly, the acorn a giant oak tree, the apple blossom an apple. Intention doesn’t err. The acorn never turns into a pumpkin! Every aspect of nature has intention built in.

In my body, intention grows my fingernails, it beats my heart, it digests my food, it writes my books—and it does this for everyone and everything in the universe.”

Dyer says that he was inspired to write his new book the day he realized that “accessing the power of intention relieved me of so much of the seemingly impossible work of striving to fulfill desires by sheer force of will.”

Since that defining moment, Dyer, always an optimist, has welcomed only positive intention into his life: “When you call my cell phone, you’ll hear this message: ‘This is Wayne Dyer, and I want to feel good! If your message is intended to do anything other than that, then you’ve got the wrong number.’”

We asked Dyer to share some concrete ways to tap into “the power of intention” in order to produce more inner joy and harmonious relationships.

Paskin: What is intention?

Dyer: It’s the difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is when you get hold of an idea and don’t let go of it until you make it a reality. Inspiration is the reverse—when an idea gets hold of you and you feel compelled to let that impulse or energy carry you along. You get to a point where you realize that you’re no longer in charge, that there’s a driving force inside you that can’t be stopped. Look at the great athletes, musician, artists, and writers. They all tap into a source.

Paskin: What is that source?

Dyer: Some call that source God or soul or spirit or consciousness.

Paskin: What if you are not religious?

Dyer: It has nothing to do with religion. I’m talking about a source of energy that lives within each of us.

Paskin: Tell us about what you call the Seven Faces of Intention: creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance, and receptivity.

Dyer: All seven are expressions of what I imagine that source to look like. First, the very fact that we exist is proof to me that the nature of that source is creative at its core. And there isn’t a person reading this who does not have a gnawing sense inside that there’s something they’re here to do, something creative.

I always say: Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. When you do this, you’re also tapping into another face of intention: love. If you’re doing what you love and loving what you do—whatever it READ MORE:



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