How to Resolve Conflict – 9 Tips…

9 Simple Ways You Can Resolve Any Conflict

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Unless you live in a cave without any contact to the outside world chances are you are going to experience some level of conflict in life. Relationships, friendships, work partnerships, even cueing up in starbucks can cause conflict! The trick is being able to deal with these situations as they arise.

Here’s the thing, conflict is not always a bad thing- conflict is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to assert yourself and not compromise on your values, it also has the ability to truly teach you about yourself.

So next time you are confronted with a situation use one of the following 9 simple ways to resolve the conflict!

Address The Problem Before It Escalates

This is the key to avoiding becoming resentful, when something comes up nip it in the bud before it becomes a bigger issue.

If your housemates keep leaving a mess in the kitchen, let them know it is unacceptable the first time around. The problem with letting a problem build is firstly the person who is doing the thing you don’t like, may not even know they are doing anything and if they do you have to set your boundaries and let them know it is unacceptable!

With all this being said, it doesn’t mean you cannot avoid conflict. If something is a one off event and there is no point in addressing it eg a drunk person shouting at you in the street, you can walk away as it is not always necessary to confront every situation.

Know What You Want And Don’t Sacrifice On Your Values For Resolution

Compromise is fine, but putting your personal values on the line to please someone else will again result in feeling resentful. This ultimately comes down to knowing yourself, knowing what you stand for and not going against this in order to READ MORE:

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