How To Love, Be Love and Loving…HAPPY VALENTINE

23 Top Ways to BE LOVE Today and Everyday ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day Darlings!
Honestly, I don’t get the celebrate LOVE only on 14th February bit. Yes, its become commercially hyped as a day for love, but really isn’t everyday supposed to be Love day? I believe that Love should be celebrated everyday 🙂 Yeah I’m kinda a love junkie 😉

I live my life with a simple motto, “Spread Love everywhere you go. Let noone ever come to you without leaving happier.” ~ Mother Teresa
In order for me to walk my talk, I need to BE love in every moment of every single day. And that my dears is a highly satisfying task. It means I have to talk, walk, think, write, sleep, feel, cook, eat, clean, counsel, heal….everything with LOVE. When you are consciously aware that you have to infuse every waking and non waking moment of your life with love, a certain level of heart centered-ness comes to us. We automatically begin to operate from a space of kindness, compassion and empathy. Which in truth is what the world Needs so badly right now.

I can hear you ask, “But how to BE Love? Really simply how?”
Personally for me, my top favorite way to ‘Be love’ is to simply “Be There”. When someone needs something, anything, that I can provide, I will Be There. You need a shoulder to cry on, a friend to lean on, a helping hand with the kids, a little help with the groceries, someone to vent to, someone to go shopping with, someone to go to the doctors with…whatever I can do to ease you I will do and that too with a smile on my face and happy loving heart. That is how I ‘BE love’ everyday.

As this is the month and the day that we are dedicating to ‘BEing Love’, I asked my dear friends, who also happen to be Moguls in the Self Improvement, Personal Development fields:

Their answers will shed more light on how to “BE LOVE” everyday. Enjoy their insights and follow their work. They all stand for all things good in this world and SO much more. Let them inspire you to BE more everyday.

Jenny Mannion said: “My favorite way to BE love to those around me and my loved ones is to be present, listen, receive them and all their gifts with my whole heart and to enjoy every second when I am with them. Everyone has gifts to share and by being present and not distracted when you are with them you open yourself up to receive those gifts. By being present you also allow others to tap into your own gifts as you are openly giving and receiving with your attention and intention to spend that time together. Many have heard that expression, “it is quality time that matters and not quantity” and I believe this true deep in my heart. Giving someone your undivided attention validates them – they know that you are with them because you want to spend that time and they can begin to let their guard down and their soul shine through. We are in a world of multi-tasking, noise and constant interruptions – giving your presence to someone is truly the greatest present you can give them. If you can shut everything else out, turn off phones, TV, computers, have no noise but truly listen to, talk and connect on a deeper level with the READ MORE:

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