Can You Speak Up For Yourself?

8 Tips for How YOU Can Learn to Speak Up

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In order to heal, Speak Up! Silence IS the disease. — Dr. Christiane Northrup
We hear of so many “silent” diseases today — everything from thyroid disease to heart disease, kidney and liver dysfunction to Celiac disease, and from “female problems” to the now-popular Lyme disease. And, just look at all the new books there are recounting someone’s “suffering in silence” from one of these and many other diseases!

But, what is really going here? I’ll tell you: Silence IS the disease.

Women are often the ones who suffer their symptoms in silence. Often they have been shamed by doctors who don’t want to hear how the standard protocols don’t help them. This is the same thing as being bullied! However, it’s far more subtle than outright bullying. For example, how many of you have been handed a referral to a psychiatrist or worse, a prescription for anti-depressants, and a reputation for being a difficult patient just because you spoke up to your doctor? And, sometimes even your own family members (both male and female) are the ones who are insensitive when you express discomfort or ask for support. As such, many women feel guilty about speaking up about their symptoms.

Much of this has to do with our patriarchal society and the belief that the masculine ways of being (and doing) are superior to the feminine ways of being (and doing). This programming has been a part of World culture for thousands of years. And after 5,000 years of patriarchal programming, it’s no surprise that women get sick in the uniquely female areas of their bodies or have unique expressions of other diseases manifesting in symptoms that cannot be healed through the conventional ways of doing things. The irony here is that our health care system is designed around the belief that a woman’s body will eventually cause suffering and pain, and she will ultimately require a great deal of testing and medical care from the system that won’t listen to her in the first place.

In Order To Heal, Speak Up

All illnesses are designed to stop you in your tracks, make you rest, and bring your attention back to the things that are really important and that give your life meaning and joy. However, in my experience and what I have seen with my patients over the years, you can’t fully feel joy if you don’t express yourself.

Yet, self-expression can be difficult. Many of us did not have role models who demonstrated healthy communication. Perhaps, you grew up with many siblings and it was chaotic and loud in your home so you stayed quiet to avoid contributing to the chaos. Or, perhaps you were taught to only speak when spoken to, or to only speak if you had something nice to say. Maybe, your mother kept silent, never voicing her opinions or feelings. Or, perhaps you were actually told to stay quiet because of a family secret, such as alcoholism or sexual abuse.

There may be many reasons that contribute to your code of silence. An important step in relieving any symptoms in your body is to shift the pattern of being a silent victim and speak your truth. Speaking up shifts your vibration and elevates you to a place where you can begin to heal. This is not always easy and sometimes there are many layers to deal with. I know this first hand.

I used to have canker sores repeatedly as a kid. If you’ve ever had them, you know how painful they can be. I hadn’t had one for many years. And then this summer I got a big one right under my tongue in the front of my mouth. It manifested on a visit to my childhood home – it arose just about the time I arrived and lasted for the entire visit! Clearly my childhood self was trying to get my attention. During my visit I was acutely conscious of how much I have changed and grown over the years when it comes to my relationship with my mother. I resisted the urge to READ MORE:

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