Are You Kind?

Andrew Paul Smith | March 11th, 2015

We all have needs! When someone reaches out to you and asks for help, what do you do? There was a film called “The Yes Man” that told the story of someone who said yes to everything he was asked to do for a year. Jim Carey played the lead part, and as always with Jim, he made the film very amusing and entertaining.

Recently I was privileged to have a Skype conversation with two friends of mine who are a little further down the path, in the direction I would like to go. Not only were they pleased to see me, but I took five pages of notes, based on the tips that they shared with me. Not only that, but I also came away with a new idea, which blew my mind due to its potential for good in the world.

My friends showed great kindness to me, in sharing their time, their experiences and their ideas. It made me think of how many opportunities we all have to be kind. A word of encouragement, or a helping hand, can be offered without any financial costs involved. So, are you kind?

I was just about to start writing this article when the phone rang, it was a lady asking for support to a local charity. I said I was unable to help, but would she contact me again before their next annual event when I may be in a better position to help. She said to me “That’s very kind of you!” I didn’t feel I had done much to deserve the accolade she gave me, so I wished her success with the other phone calls she was making today.

Kindness is a form of love and I believe love is why we are here; so, those who speak and perform acts of kindness are in line with the purpose of life for human beings. We are all one and we belong together. So, if you can meet someone’s needs you should do, because when you show kindness the one you are helping is yourself!

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