Are You Ready to Work on Having and Displaying “Infinite Patience”?

Andrew Paul Smith | April 20th, 2015

“Infinite Patience Brings Immediate Results!” – Marianne Williamson

patienceWhat a challenge, if we dare to face it! Are you ready to work on having and displaying “Infinite Patience”? It seems almost an impossible standard to aim at and yet the “Immediate Results” being offered is very enticing!

“I know what I want and I want it now!” seems to be a phrase that sums up our generation here in the Western World. What do we want? When do we want it? Are the type of questions most protest marchers hear being asked often at their rallies.

So what do we desire? Despite what you may think, I believe what we are all looking for in life is not money, possessions, fame or power, deep down inside what each human soul desires is peace and contentment, joy and happiness. We think that those other things will bring us peace, but really they won’t, it is all an illusion. None of the above will satisfy us, but I am sure that peace in our hearts will!

So how do we find peace? I believe we can find inner peace, when we detach ourselves from the outcome of our actions, become independent of the good opinion of other people and are no longer in a place where we need people to act in the way we want them to.

Maybe it is in this context that we should understand these words of Marianne Williamson? I believe that when we truly seek peace, contentment, joy and happiness with all our hearts we will have them immediately, because they are our natural state of being which we have been enticed away from by the illusion displayed by the so called bright lights of materialism.

I also believe that not only when we seek peace in our hearts will we receive that peace immediately, but that anything else we set our thoughts and feelings upon can be ours, of a certainty, when all we desire is this peace for ourselves and for others too!

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