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How To Consciously Attract The Right Relationships

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The following is excerpted from Teresa L. DeCicco’s newest book “Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being” (Divine Arts).

As we attract people to us by being aware that we are participating in who shows up in our lives we are also aware that it is these people who teach us to grow and evolve. Life is not coming “at” us but rather, we are participating in it with our thoughts and feelings. We may find this hard to believe because people may not always be kind or friendly, in fact they can be incredibly mean spirited, but none the less, they are very important and we have attracted this for a reason. People are a mirror for what needs to be seen or learned and often it is the most difficult or challenging people that can be paramount in terms of our own positive growth.

People who are difficult and challenging can teach us new skills in terms of emotional regulation and control. When we are not yet trained in keeping unleashed anger in check, with either overt or covert anger, then angry people show up to show us that we still have a ways to go. On the other hand, perhaps we do not speak up when we need to and we bury our own needs in order to please other people. If this happens over a long period of time then anger eventually rises to the surface because it is a voice that is finally saying no, I do not want this in my life any longer. Either way, anger in relationships is the device that allows for personal growth to happen should it be recognized as such.

If we carry fear, jealousy, or envy inside ourselves then daily life situations will reveal themselves that trigger these. People will show up to present opportunities for us to see and experience our own emotions, especially if we are unaware of them. If we see this as READ MORE:

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