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Easy ZZZ’s: How to Tune Out the Noise of the Day For Optimal Rest

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Last week I trekked over 1700 miles cross-country to move from Chicago to Mesa, Arizona and let me tell ya…moving in your mid 30’s is nothing like the fun and whimsical, “fit what you can in the back of your Jeep” moves I remember in my 20’s.

With all the expected stresses of relocating, and not to mention the time-zone change, my body, mind and spirit have been in quite the whirlwind for the past week. The energy here is higher, yet calmer. I feel more grounded amidst living out of boxes and not knowing where any of my shit is.

Needless to say, my sleeping schedule has been a been weary since the move and I’ve put into action a little ditty that has really helped me get back into a healthy sleep pattern and turn off all the noise of the day telling me to unpack just one more box or asking if I remembered to call the gas company.

I first stopped what I was doing and just took a huge breath; soaking in the moment and appreciating the beauty all around me. I had wanted to move back to Arizona for so long and here I am…I did it! Just taking a moment to look back on how far I’ve come with putting a simple intention in motion proves to me once again the power of manifesting from the heart-space.

So, I’d recommend breath-work in times of stress or when you can’t seem to get your mind to slow down or stop racing. This is particularly helpful when you lying in bed, trying to fall asleep. Simply taking deep breaths and consciously listening to each breath proactively calms the mind and gives it something soothing to focus on; so it stops with the annoying, random racing thoughts that keep you up at night.

The next day after having that awesome “I’m home” moment, I couldn’t find my favorite crystal cluster (it’s HUGE, too!) and I then swore somehow, someway it was left behind for me to never see it again. I was literally freaking out inside and feeling quite anxious. So, I went and sat out on my patio and meditated on it. I asked the Universe where the heck my crystal was! 🙂 I gave myself space to get away from the anxiety of “loss” and READ MORE:

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