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Colds Are Caused By Conflicts

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According to German New Medicine it is not a coincidence when you get sick with a cold.  The cold is linked to events in your current life, and not the ones you are thinking about.  Washing your hands and eating foods with vitamin C are good for you but those are not the events I am talking about.

What researchers have found is that there are two main phases of being sick.  There is the conflict-active phase and the vagotonic healing process.  Most researchers and medical professionals are only aware of the second part because that is where all the negative symptoms such as runny nose, fever and cough are taking place.

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“The common cold is linked to a “stink conflict”, which can be experienced in real terms but also figuratively as “This situation stinks!” or “I’ve had it!”. During the conflict-active phase the nasal membrane lining widens through ulceration, which is usually not noticed. In the healing phase, however, when the nasal tissue is being repaired, the nasal membrane swells up. A runny nose (healing always occurs in a fluid environment), headaches, tiredness, an elevated temperature or fever are all typical signs of a vagotonic healing process. If the cold symptoms are more severe, then this is commonly called the “flu”. The claim, however, that “influenza” viruses are the culprits, has yet to be proven.”

In the conflict-active phase our body is reacting to the conflict we are experiencing.  This can be an event in your life such as a pet dying, losing your job, or it can be an emotional cause such as fighting with your spouse or being overly stressed at work.

The reason this makes sense is when these types of stressors are actively going on you are in fight or flight mode.  During fight or flight you are performing in survival mode in order to handle the conflict.  If you are in survival mode for too long you can end up READ MORE:



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