How Forgiveness Can Help You Heal Your Life

Three extraordinary methods to heal through forgiveness that you can use TODAY!

Dr. Isaac S. Haynes | Natural News | Dec, 2014

through forgiveness to health

Holding onto grudges, anger, resentment and bad memories is a lot of work.  Past traumas and negative experiences can silently sap the vital energy that could be put to use in the present moment to create the purposeful and vibrant life that we want to live NOW, and often, it is just as important to forgive ourselves as it is to forgive others.  To “forgive and forget” is not always so easy, because negative memories of the past can reside in our sub-conscious mind and in our bodies in the form of habitual nerve impulses and muscle memory.

Talking to a therapist, meditating and self-introspection can be wonderful tools and can be very revelatory, but sometimes the intellectual and logical understanding needs to be grounded into physical reality.  Here are some tools to help you to do just that.

Ho ‘oponopono

Ho ‘oponopono is the practice of forgiveness initially introduced by Dr. Hew Len and later by Dr. Len in collaboration with Dr. Joe Vitale.  The story is that Dr. Len cured a whole ward of criminally insane hospital patients in Hawaii without any face to face interaction.  He simply studied the patient’s chart and then looked within himself to see what HE was holding onto that would reflect outwardly as the person’s illness.  As he addressed the issues within himself, the patients improved.   Dr. Len accomplished this feat with the simple repetition of these four phrases:


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