How to Create and Sustain Healthy Relationships – 10 “Commandments”

10 Hallmarks of Healthy Relationships

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Working in the therapeutic sector with many different people in many types of relationships – including partners, parents/children and friends – it has become apparent that there are a few key factors which are generally present when the relationship is healthy.

Throughout the following ten hallmarks, a common theme is open and clear communication. We may feel or think a certain way, but if we don’t express it, how the hell is anyone meant to know? Real communication is without a doubt integral to a healthy relationship, so if it’s not one of our strong points, then we should keep practicing it until it is.

Honesty and Trust

Being honest with our loved one doesn’t necessarily mean that each person knows everything about each other. We don’t share every dream we have, what we did exactly from the start to finish of each day, how many times we went to the toilet, what attention we got from the opposite sex etc., but it does mean that each person genuinely knows who each other is and how they feel.

For example, if there are things that are concerning us then we should be transparent about it without trying to burden the other person with negative vibes or project it onto them in a harmful way. It is always important to be clear about how we feel, what we are thinking about and what is happening in our lives.

It is also paramount to have the security of trust. There’s not a huge amount of people in our lives that we do fully trust, so with the people we do, it always needs to be reinforced. In this light, however, our kids are not always going to be trustworthy and we have to accept that. They have to develop their own understanding of what trust means and how to develop healthy relationships.

Problems of honesty and trust arise when we force our kids to behave in a certain way that is not likely to be successful. Children are naturally rebellious, so if we give them something to rebel against, they will. An example of when trust and respect between a parent and child has highly evolved is when the child feels comfortable enough to go to their parents and talk about the mistakes they’ve made without feeling they are going to be harshly judged or get into serious trouble. It is the parent’s job to READ MORE:

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