How to Leave The Room…

How to Leave The Room

Andrew Paul Smith | May 6th, 2015


“You must unlearn what you have learned!” – Yoda

Last time I talked about “leaving the room” the one we have up to now labelled as “reality” a concept that no greater a mind than Albert Einstein declared to be merely a persistent illusion! Now, I want to answer a question I was asked which goes like this:

“How do you actually effectively do this (leave the room) when we tend to go back to our default settings of what our parents taught us and how we’ve adapted accordingly to cope throughout our lives?” I ask you first to read Valerie Cox’s beautiful poem and when you are willing to accept you are “The Cookie Thief” come back and read the rest of what I have to say.

The first thing we need to do to break the pattern of our previously learned rules about life is to follow the instruction of Yoda from Star Wars who said: “You must unlearn what you have learned!” You need to realize that each belief that each one of us has accepted only holds water because we have found compelling evidence that backs up our present belief system.

The reason why common sense is thought of as such is because by far the majority of people agree about it. The only reason scientific statements can be validated is because of the evidence we have found that supports those statements. The only reason religious belief systems have been accepted down the years is because of people’s faith in what these religions instruct us to believe.

So the strength with which we believe any concept is down to the level of trust, faith and certainty we hold in it! IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO FIND EVIDENCE TO BELIEVE JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BELIEVE! Humanity used to believe, that the Earth was flat and that the Sun, Moon and stars revolved around it. Today membership of The Flat Earth Society is dropping off and you will no longer be burned at the stake for blasphemy for saying the Earth goes round the Sun.

We all need a perspective on life that helps us to grow and advance human society. If you have a desired destination for your life and your “default settings” stop you from getting there; then what you need to do is to find out what those beliefs are and all the evidence you have gathered which helps to strengthen those beliefs and ask yourself this simple question:

Why is this dis-empowering belief I hold and the evidence I have collected for it absolute nonsense?

You see in this dualistic universe there is for every up, a down; for every outside, an inside; for every right, a wrong! So, whatever you believe there must be evidence that proves the opposite to be true that is the nature of our “reality!” Then what you must go on to do is to find evidence to build a new set of beliefs that will take you and keep you outside the room of your present perspective of reality!

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