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Being Spiritual – The Many Faces of Spirituality

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The word spiritual has many concrete definitions and many faces.  A common misconception about being spiritual is that defining oneself as such is contingent upon being “religious”. Being “religious” means to subscribe to particular set of laws designed to show respect and humility to a particular deity or deities who are believed to be representatives of a higher power, that is all. Spirituality recognizes all representatives of faith.

Another view of spirituality lends its origin to the media definition of “new-agers”, “hippies”, “peace-freaks”, “tree-huggers” and so forth.  When some people hear the word “spiritual”, they think, ‘unstable, unrealistic, idealistic, flighty’ and so on. This opinion is most directly associated with the misunderstanding of what spirituality truly is

To be truly spiritual means to have peace.

I’m sure we all know many religious people who are far from peaceful, and likewise, many peaceful, loving individuals who do not subscribe to any particular religion.

Most of us strive to be good people, to have faith in ourselves and in the power of love and kindness in all its forms and to be as “spiritual” as we can while still facing the trials of daily life. The reason it is difficult for many is because those of us who “try” to be spiritual are contradicting their own spiritual progress.  Spirituality is not a muscle to be exercised, its a place to be reached, when we are ready.  The first step is knowing what are “human” characteristics that may be impeding this process, and the “spiritual” ones to be aspired to. Consider this:

The Differences between “Human” and “Spiritual”

Human: Jealousy

Spiritual: Genuine Well Wishes for READ MORE:

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