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You don’t have to win the argument with your inner critic; you have to step away from the conversation.” – Tara Mohr, Playing Big

You’re not ready.

You’re not good enough. Or pretty enough. Or likable enough. Or lovable enough.

You’re not the most competent person for the job.

Ahhh…the inner critic. Our doubter, our bully and often our own worst enemy.

It’s this inner voice that holds many of us back. And in Tara Mohr’s recent book, Playing Big, she acknowledges that this internal chatter holds most women back from “playing bigger” in their lives.

“The inner critic speaks up with more viciousness and volume when we are exposing ourselves to a real or perceived vulnerability – something that triggers a fear of embarrassment, rejection, failure or pain,” Mohr writes.

Mohr notes that the stakes are even higher for women. When you play big, you follow your calling and your dreams.
When you play bigger, you open yourself to criticism, rejection and READ MORE:


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