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Andrew Paul Smith | April 16th, 2015

collapsing the wave

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one!” – Albert Einstein

In my previous article I talked about how our lives are like being in a room that has no doors that open outward and then I went on to remind us all that the MAGIC lies WITHIN us, waiting for us to open the door inwards. I am about to be speak about leaving the room. Our possibilities seem limited, we know what we know about everyday reality and it seems unlikely that we can escape our own knowing of what we expect reality to be like. Our perception appears to have us trapped.

Einstein said that “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one!” So, the question must be how do we transcend this thing called reality, how do we LEAVE THE ROOM? My very basic understanding of quantum physics tells me that at the sub atomic level there are only waves and particles.

The wave is a potentiality for things working out one way or another and is sometimes spoken of as “the field of infinite possibilities.” We, as the observer of our lives, “collapse the wave” by deciding how things will turn out. Sometimes we refer to this experience as “déjà vu” and we say “I knew that was going to happen!” Other times we don’t even notice that this is happening, but we still get what we expect and sadly that is not necessarily what we want.

When we are attached to things in our lives working out in a particular way, then maybe we are choosing to collapse the wave in the way we expect it will, based on our own experience and education about reality? So, maybe if we LET GO of that expectation, then the field of infinite possibilities can allow a different particle emerge?

Miracles are the way we describe when something happens that transcends our normal expectations of reality. Do you want to witness miracles in your own life? Well, you need to let go of your own grasp of the Newtonian physical world and have faith, trust, belief, expectation and knowing of a certainty, that the persistent illusion of reality can be transcended and I believe that when you do, you will leave the room!

You are the observer of your life and as such, you are the one that collapses the waves of the Quantum world of waves into the Newtonian world of particles! If you don’t like the way reality is persisting around you, then maybe it’s time to let go and start expecting the miraculous!

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