Is Stress Making Your Life Chaotic?

Mind Over Meltdown

Find out why some of us are immune to stress, while others buckle under pressure at the first opportunity

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Manage stress

WHY ARE SOME OF US immune to stress, while others buckle under pressure at the first opportunity? It’s all in how we look at it. Those of us who are resilient to negative stress seem to rise to a challenge instead of fearing it. “Stress hardiness is not an inborn trait, nor one that’s reserved for the old and wise–it’s a life skill we can all benefit from learning,” says Toronto-based corporate consultant Bina Feldman. “The possibility of being stress-free is unrealistic; the possibility of being stress-hardy is not.” How we think has a strong effect on our physiology, so it’s important to build the mental habits that make us stress-resistant. Here are the mindset adjustments that can have the biggest impact on your life.

Be a Problem Solver

Does criticism put you in a funk or spur you to improve your productivity and attitude? If you take action now, you can avoid future stress and conflict. “Effective stress management is about early intervention, not crisis intervention,” says Feldman. This tactic also allows you to manage your READ MORE at:


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