Metaphysical Causes of Headaches And How To Heal Them…

Learn How To Cope with Psychic Headaches

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psychic headache

It’s possible that some of the headaches that you experience are psychic headaches due to an overstimulation of energy rather than a “regular” headache? In fact, some of your headaches may be caused by your environment, the people around you or you may be overdoing it with your psychic development studies.

A psychic headache usually is felt in the third eye area, which is just above the eyes in the middle of your forehead. It may even affect your vision causing your vision to be blurry or your eyes to feel heavy or achy, you may have sensitivity to sunlight or bright lights or you may experience an ongoing throbbing sensation in your head.

Possible Causes of Psychic Headaches

  • A download of energy moving through your body
  • Overstimulating the third eye through psychic development exercises
  • Overdoing it with your psychic work; readings, energy healing etc.
  • Spending too much time around electronics such as computers and cell phones
  • Energy overload from your peers, family members, co-workers or even your spouse can be draining energetically


  • Keep a himalayan salt lamp nearby
  • Ground the energy into the ground either through visualizing the energy moving through your whole body into the earth or spend time out in nature
  • Cover your third eye (forehead) with bangs, a hat, a bandana or even a bindi
  • Rub an essential oil on your forehead such as READ MORE:
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