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Becoming Aware and Why It’s So Important


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The emotional quality of our lives is dictated mostly by our perception and how we decide to interpret things that are going on both outside, as well as within ourselves. But in order for our interpretation to match reality and what is really taking place, it is necessary to get in touch with ourselves- to feel every underlying mood, emotional depth, even bodily sensations. Putting it simple- we need to pay more attention.

And before you mistake this article with dozens of others you’ve already read about mindfulness and perception and all the other metaphysic words parroted around, let me throw you a sales pitch on why this is a bird of another feather.

We are, most of us, very well trained in the practice of blindly following habits and routines. When enough thought has been placed on forming these habits and routines, especially early in our lives, we tend to do well on the long run. What happens when we break the good habits and form some out of impulse, especially in this fast-paced society, is we start to live life in a volatile haphazard fashion, never really paying attention to anything.

Non-intentional living, some would call it, and it definitely has its own way of pilling up emotional and mental issues on the long run. Our relationships, careers, finances, and every other aspect of life really tend to follow a same curve- never paying enough attention- we tend to screw them up. Predictably, life becomes harder to enjoy.

What I’m about to share is nothing exclusive per se. These are simple, yet highly effective principles, or let us call them habits, that will greatly improve the mental and emotional quality of your life. As you can guess- better mood, relationships, opportunities, and pretty much all the good stuff usually follow.

And it all starts with paying attention.

All you have to do is simply observe – here is why.
We tend to skip the good moments in our lives, the good things happening, despite having the potential to enjoy them in abundance. The awesomeness is already there, yet often times we are simply not aware of it.

We already have great people as part our lives, and enough pleasant stimuli to cause us a sensory overload. There is so much to be enjoyed. However though, on the flipside, there are enough negative things to rattle our cages as well.

So here is a paradox I cannot seem to fully bend my mind around- we never focus on the positive things happening within our lives enough, but easily become masters of negative fixation.

To make things even worse, underlying issues are never fully investigated, and we, unaware of what is happening, put the spotlight on negative thoughts and behavior instead.

Paying enough attention means making sure you realize what is going on with yourself during each moment- pleasant or otherwise. It means being enough aware as to recognize fear, anxiety, panic, as well as all the other abstracts on the opposing side of the spectrum- enthusiasm, happiness…

Practicing to make yourself able to detect these feelings and emotions, you will enter another level of awareness, thus improving the mental and emotional quality of your life. And I know this sounds abstract and flowery enough, but just answer one thing for me- are you happy?

This is a trick question many people use when trying to lure you into a cradle and sell you snake oil and half-baked philosophies. The answer, as far as rational thinking is concerned, is that happiness is always within, though we are just cluttering it with negative creations of our own.

Becoming aware of what these negative creations are (give you a hit- fear, doubt, anger, pessimism, anxiety…), and being able to face them at their real value, they simply dwarf in significance. Staying with them long enough, they tend to lose the heaviness we usually associate them with. All we have to do is pay attention, become aware, and nothing more. Easy when you think about it, am I right?

I can feel everything already, that’s easy – no, it’s not, and you can’t
Intellectualizing our predicaments we get the false impression that nothing can escape our awareness. Not even close to what is usually happening with majority of folks. Most of us post-process our emotions and feelings by spinning them closer to what feels comfortable enough to explain them.

Knees deep into explanations and intellectualizing, the essential part of the emotion still stays largely undetected. Pilled long enough, some emotional issues have the capacity of escalating and changing our behavior and READ MORE at: http://www.lifestyleupdated.com/2014/11/20/becoming-aware-important/

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