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Magic Within

Andrew Paul Smith | April 10th, 2015

magic within

“What if I could write the story? What if all this ends in glory?” – Alistair Griffin

What if all you ever needed was in fact within you? What if all the struggling you’ve known was an illusion, which you created? What if there was a way of gaining access to everything you’ve ever hoped for and dreamed about? What if it were true that the magic is indeed within you?

You might say, “I believe that potentially I can have, be or do anything I want in this life!” and yet you are someone who is in need of possessions, money, status or abilities. How do we make that connection, how do we become the person we have dreamed of becoming?

What if I told you that the fact that you have imagined a different life to the one that you have right now, is the clearest indication that such a life is possible for you? What if I said that the defining moment of your life is when you decide, when you get the assurance of certainty of knowing, which way things are going to turn out?

Faith works both ways! If you believe you will never live your dream life, then you never will! However, if you believe of a certainty, if you KNOW you will live that life, you are in the process of getting there! I promise! So, what is it to be with you? Faith in things not working out the way you want them to, or the faith that they will?

It’s like you live in a mansion of a 1,000 rooms and yet you continue to allow yourself to be stuck in the room that you were born in. Oh yes, you’ve tried to get out of the room, you have pushed on the walls in the hope that you might discover by chance the door that will let you out. Maybe it’s time to find the way to the other rooms of rich possibility by opening the door inwards, after all that is where the magic is supposed to be!

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