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Regarding personal relationships, I’ve always been the type that was drawn to those people I had perceived as being “broken” in some way and I also happen to think that I could somehow possibly fix them. Looking back, I see how this was my ego calling the shots by telling me that MY love would be the love to finally make these men see their true worth in life. And that once they did, they’d love me forever for helping them get to that revelation point.

What I didn’t know at the time, was that self-worth must come from within…always. And that even when others can seem to be giving it to you, or you are literally making someone else your source, it’s always coming from you; they are a reflection and only triggering what already exists.

But until I learned that Truth, nothing seemed more attractive to me than emotional baggage, a sense of bad-boy mystery, and a dark and haunting past of unhealthy habits and relationships. It was like the signals that went off in my heart to run the other way were the same signals telling my ego all the right reasons to stay.

If you actually did have your shit together, then I literally would not give you a second glance. My ego would tell me, “They obviously don’t need me, so why bother?” As if I was basing the entire purpose of love relationships on being what each person could or could not do for one another. And while I understand relationships flourish if both person’s needs are met, I refused to realize at the time, that they flourish most when both people are ultimately taking care of their own needs, rather than expecting the other to always “fix it”. And that of course relationships are meant to be symbiotic, but when they morph into co-dependent then that is when we literally lose ourselves in another person, and no that’s actually not a good thing.

Most people would agree that when you first fall in love, it’s the best thing in the world. Your mind and heart are filled with the rush of new emotions and thoughts that love inevitably stirs up within us all, and we tend to talk and think about the person often. And perhaps some would agree that because this feels so great, we might even tend to purposely overlook signs and ignore gut feelings telling us maybe this just isn’t meant to be. While my inner GPS is on full function now, back then it was literally like I was walking around with blinders on regarding the subtle signals and hints I’d receive that always trying to steer me right when I’d always pull left.

We all learn in different ways, but apparently mine this lifetime around is repetition. I’ve been in more unstable relationships than I care to admit, but one thing I take from them all is the infinite reminder that the love I was always looking for was READ MORE:

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