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New Moon In Aries: Taking Bold And Innovative Action

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new moon in aries

We are entering a New Moon phase in Aries on Thursday, April 7th at 11:24am Universal Time, which is the beginning of this 29.5 day Moon cycle. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and it is also the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore this New Moon has extra significance for a fresh start.

In March we had both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse which have signified some sort of changes for each of us that will play a big part in our lives until at least the fall. This is a good time to reflect on what shifts have happened in the last 2.5 months and consider what is the best course of action to move forward based on what has transpired. (You can read my recent articles on the eclipses by clicking here.)

Aries: Self-Interests, Leading, Initiating, Boldness
Aries energy is about each of us as individuals. It is independent, instinctual, and pioneering, and carries a theme of moving forward unimpeded. Aries is full of energy, and generally we start to feel more alive this time of year following the sleepy and dreamy sign of Pisces.

This New Moon is a time to take action and try new things to take advantage of the forward momentum this sign offers. Metaphorically speaking, it can be a time to use our willpower and courage to plant some of those seeds we have been collecting either in recent months or even in recent years.

New Moon Conjunct Uranus, Square Pluto, Trine Saturn
This New Moon is separating from aspects with Saturn and Pluto and tightly moving towards a conjunction with Uranus. Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius is making a harmonious aspect which is assisting us with a solid and defined vision, or perspective, in how we shall proceed.

Pluto in Capricorn is making a tense aspect to this New Moon which could represent recent transformations and changes, also indicated by the last month’s eclipses. Being in Capricorn, it could indicate the structures in our lives, our careers, our ambitions, and management of money/resources. Another possibility is that it can represent challenges around power, control, manipulation, secrets, and authority. Pluto is also square Uranus which could represent a new awareness or awakening related to the potential themes mentioned above.

This New Moon being aligned with Uranus really adds to this energy of moving forward in new ways. Uranus is innovative, unconventional, and revolutionary; it is also about freedom, rebellion, individuality, and insights. This planet can also signify surprises and unexpected changes this month. Uranus in Aries is also like a surge of electricity that can power us and/or wake us up to new potentials previously unexplored. Uranus also rules technology, metaphysics, and astrology.

Mars Is Going Retrograde; Mercury and Venus Also Changing Signs
In the days leading up to this New Moon, both Mercury and Venus will be changing signs. Mercury will be entering Taurus which can assist us in practical and thorough thinking. As we move forward in new ways, we can do it with a well planned and solid approach which is also assisted and reinforced by Saturn’s aspect to this New Moon.

Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty will be entering Aries and will also be trine Aries’ ruler, Mars. This combined with the other aspects mentioned above can represent new beginnings in relationships and/or the need to be more independent or even single. It can also make us more assertive and direct, or even impatient, in love matters. When combined with READ MORE:

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