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Why Do We Sometimes Feel So Blue in the Springtime?

Barbara Sinclair | Conscious Life News

spring time blues

Spring is a paradoxical season, in some respects. While the rest of Nature bursts forth with new life, some of us humans seem to want to crawl back under the covers, into our cave.

Shouldn’t spring bring with it renewed energy and vigor?

In the Ayurvedic calendar, spring is Kapha Season. This dosha (physiological force or energy) by nature is cool, damp, slow, heavy, dense, and cloudy. Apply these attributes to someone with a lot of Kapha in their constitution, magnify them because of the season, and you can see why hiding out under the covers seems so desirable.

New to Ayurveda? Click here for a quick summary.

These attributes of cool, damp, slow, etc., are called gunas in Ayurveda, and apply to our mental state as well as our physical state. A heaviness in the body can lead to a heaviness in the mind and also the spirit.

So, why do we sometimes feel so blue in the springtime? Blame it on Kapha dosha.

Note: Whether or not we have a lot of this dosha in our constitution (click here to find out what yours is) we all feel its effects. We are each a unique combination of all three (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

The rainy, cool, gloomy weather we’ve been experiencing here in the Northeastern US is typically Kapha.

In terms of constitutions, most Vata-types won’t mind the dampness (they’re dry by nature, made up of the elements air/ether) but will be bothered by the cold. Pitta-types (hot, by nature – elements are fire/water) will probably be the least affected by Kapha Season.

Here’s the catch, though. Any of us, at any time, can have an imbalance in a dosha, whether or not it’s a predominant part of our constitution.

My own constitution is Vata-Pitta (heavily Vata). For the greater part of my life, I was typically Vata. But lately, I’ve been dealing with some Kapha imbalances (feeling sluggish, weight gain, not my usual energetic self.

While it’s been a challenging season (Kapha qualities are all the complete opposite of Vata, with the exception of them both being cold), as a practitioner it has also been enlightening for me to feel what it’s like to be in the shoes of a Kapha-type READ MORE: http://consciouslifenews.com/sometimes-feel-blue-springtime/11118692/

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