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Dr. Northrup’s Tips for Transforming Your Life

6 Tips for Transforming Your Life With Lessons from the Lotus Flower


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The lotus flower represents rebirth, renewal, and spiritual awakening. But, the beautiful flower that you see floating effortlessly on top of the water had to work really hard to blossom. Lotus flowers actually grow out of the mud at the bottom of a river or pond and have to break through the mud before they surface on top of the water.

Breaking through the mud in our own lives helps us to blossom as well—it’s like a breaking though to our true selves. But in order to blossom, we have to look inward and bring our attention toward removing whatever blocks are holding us back. Maybe it’s feelings of shame, or an illness, or a relationship.

And there can be a lot of things hiding in our mud puddles. We don’t have to uncover everything at once. Healing takes place layer by layer, like peeling an onion. But, it’s impossible to manifest anything new or good in our lives if we’re not willing to stir up our personal mud somewhat.

Here are some ways you can start to break through your own mud, and truly transform your life:

Tip 1: Be Honest with Yourself

Truth is the pillar of spiritual awakening. We cannot grow without it. Whenever we explain away our behaviors, or sugarcoat the truth, we pay the consequences, usually in the form of illness or drama. For example, for many years, I simply went along with what my family—and later my husband—wanted to do, such as hiking, sports, or skiing, even though I have always preferred dancing, watching movies, and reading.

I believed that if I didn’t participate in what they wanted to do, no one would want to be with me. Though this belief was largely unconscious for most of my life, I have now sifted through this mud long enough so that the belief and the behavior it birthed has gone—from both my life and my body. While the truth may hurt; it will set you free.

Tip 2: Stop Resisting Change

In my last blog I wrote about overcoming your fear of change. Many of us panic when faced with change and we “grab the bull by the horns” in order to control and fix things. But often that control just serves to reinforce our deep-rooted problems. At a certain point, we must surrender to what is and just stop trying to control every outcome. Otherwise our bodies, our fascia, and our nervous systems all get “stuck” in rigid READ MORE:

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