How To Turn Fear Into An Ally To Create Your Best Life…

How to Use Fear as a Tool for Success

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Everything is Energy…

When I first learned that at an atomic level everything is pure energy and that nothing is truly “solid” as matter appears, I was truly amazed. I was just about 19 when this fact truly hit home with me during my very first Reiki class. If everything is energy, then this meant that nothing is truly separate and everything is intertwined in a vast cosmic web.

I went onto learn that nothing can be created without moving energy. My introduction to Quantum Mechanics years later told me how when waves move faster than the speed of light, they burst into existence as physical matter. This translated to me a message that has affected me deeply on a personal level ever since…that to ensure our own success, whatever that means to us, we must take action towards our vision of it!

This is the difference between daydreaming and reaching your goals. Daydreaming is the ego’s way of keeping our most heart-felt desires and ideas of happiness out of reach. When we put things on proverbial pedestals, we are literally sending out a message that we believe we are not good enough to manifest our deepest desires, or that we are simply unworthy of happiness, and this will keep them at bay and just out of our reach, forever and ever.

And what often keeps us daydreaming and not acting towards that which we desire is fear. Fear of what others may think of or want from us if we become successful; fear of failing and/or the fear that we were destined for a life of misery or mediocrity and therefore we don’t even try. We end up becoming numb to the inner pull of our heart and call of our Soul to step into our greatness and become to best version of ourselves we were always meant to be.

Put Those Fears to Work!

So, how do we get out from under the paralyzing grasp of fear and make it work for us rather than against? How do we turn this terrifying emotion into a friend we can rely on for guidance and motivation? We have all heard it before…we face our fears HEAD ON!

Like darkness is not “bad” but simply the lack of light, fear is also not a “bad” emotion, it is simply lacking LOVE! When in the presence of love, fear cannot exist, although many would say that love itself is pretty scary. Actually, it is the unknowing about the depths of love and the daunting task of truly being authentic (while also being accepted) that is usually what ignites fear in love relationships; not actually love itself.

When we truly understand love, we know that it is all-encompassing yet freeing. Love is solid yet unbinding and it also asks for nothing, but only to embody everything it brings to the surface in you to help you grow, mature and expand as a human being in many, many facets of the emotional spectrum. As we grow to understand love more and more though all types of experience both joyous and heart-wrenching, we also begin to embody love itself. This is the cross-over from lust to unconditional love as there is no expectation of reciprocity; only the latent desire to share the love that already exists within us.

In my own experience, the more love I showed to myself the more I was willing to also face my fears. Things that I once only daydreamed about and considered childish fantasies became so important to me, that they had no choice but to manifest in my life due to the emotional charge and action I had begun to put behind them. When I stopped seeing my own dreams as impossible, the world became my oyster. Why? Because I believed it to be so…I no longer relied on others to tell me how good or bad I was at something or that I should or should not do something in my life. I still take advice of course, but I stopped holding the opinions of others as law and instead listen to that voice I now call Spirit or READ MORE:

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