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In less than two weeks time the Tenth Anniversary of my Mother’s death will have passed. In the UK “Mothering Sunday” is celebrated about four weeks before Easter and it was on “MotheringSunday” that my Mum decided to leave us. It had been a lovely family day, she had come to stay for the weekend, we’d just had a wonderful meal and not long after she had a massive heart-attack and died.

It was a very big shock for us all! My Father’s death less than three months before was expected, he had had a long illness and we had been prepared for the sad day when he left us just a few days before Christmas. My Mother’s passing was a different matter entirely, it was unexpected! After all she was 10 years younger than my Dad.

In life as well as in death people walk away from us and it doesn’t mean they no longer love us. Each one of us has our own path to walk, our own destination to arrive at. Love is all encompassing and like with death when we find it hard to accept that the loved one is leaving or has left the intimacy we have shared with them, we enter a time of grief.

At first I saw my grief on the loss of my parents as an expression of my love for them, but eventually it became debilitating. We had been a very close family, there was always love in the air, hugs and kisses, smiles and joys. They had all come to an end, unless they were experienced as a memory.

My Mum was commenting on a poem I had written whilst she was here that final weekend; it was about my Dad and it was called “Without You.” She said to me (and now it almost seems like her parting shot) “Andrew, you really must stop writing poems and dwelling on your Dad’s death! It is all-right to grieve, but you have to move on from this or it will eat you alive!”

Later that day, she walked away from us in love to follow my Father into the next life. As my then 7 year old son remembered at my Dad’s funeral; “My Granddad said he was going to a better place!” May we all allow those who have loved us and walked away in love, to go to that better place. A place where our grief no longer holds them back from the places they need to go, in the hope that like my missing parents we might be with them again one day. 🙂 <3

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