What Is An Awakened Human?

What Is An Awakened Mind?

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The term Awakening has been widely used lately to describe the phenomenon of a spontaneous change of consciousness. Awakening can be described as a realization that there is a higher dimension of reality which is rooted in a universal consciousness of unity. Such a realization is inevitably accompanied with a heightened positive emotional state, invoking feelings of joy, connectedness, outpouring of love and frequently intense ecstasy. It often has a lasting effect on the life of the experiencer, but it can also take a lifetime to integrate such an experience into our everyday lives. There can be a number of triggers for STEs (Spiritual Transformative Experiences) or for such sudden change in consciousness to occur, such as a near-death experiences, drugs, shock, trauma, intense appreciation of beauty or involuntary or intentional rising of the Kundalini energy, which can be the result of a prolonged meditation. A spiritual awakening often has a lasting and transforming effect on one’s life.

The awakened life

There is a great difference between awakening and leading an awakened life . People who had an awakening experience or STE often feel like exiles after having experienced that their true home lies elsewhere. But once our awakened lives have become the status quo we are no longer interested in leaving this world in favour of some spiritual heaven, because this world will have become our true home, perhaps for the first time. Our focus of attention is shifted. We may even lose interest in a spiritual life or spiritual pursuits, simply because “spirit” or consciousness reveals itself to be in everything we place our attention on. Nothing is exempt. Wherever our attention is directed to we will be aware of a new Presence which will be with us every hour of the day.attention on. Nothing is exempt. Wherever our attention is directed to we will be aware of a new Presence which will be with us every hour of the day.

This Presence, some call it the Silent Watcher, others “God” or simply Stillness, will reveal to us the inner workings of the circumstances surrounding us. Best of all we begin to think and act like the “Silent Watcher”, and whenever we realise that we are no different to this “Presence”, we are welcomed with ecstasy and joy and this will happen on a daily basis. Every morning we open our eyes we feel like sending out our gratitude for the privilege that we are allowed to be alive on this earth. We will experience a constant, underlying stillness which accompanies us wherever we go and nothing else has any power over us or our lives. Such a READ MORE: http://www.awakeningpeople.com/what-is-an-awakened-mind.html

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