What Is The Link Between Anger and Heart Disease – Anger Management Tips…

Dr Victor Marchione | June 18th, 2015


You burn your tongue on your morning coffee, someone cut you off in traffic – a near collision! – and your wife is late to meet you yet again. You’re upset, irritated and ready to knock someone into next week.

OK, curb that anger. Count to 10 and take some deep breaths – for the sake of your heart. There’s a mounting body of research that pinpoints anger as a precursor to heart attack. We know it doesn’t feel good to lose our cool, but knowing that anger and heart disease are closely tied should be considered a red flag to put some anger management exercises and relaxation tips into practice.

Heart attack: What are the odds? The statistics on heart disease aren’t pretty. It’s the leading cause of death in men and women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 610,000 Americans die from heart disease each year – that’s one in every four deaths. In the United States, someone has a heart attack every 43 seconds. To put it bluntly, each minute, someone in the United States dies from a heart disease-related event.

When it comes to anger heart attack statistics by age, it’s important to know that age plays a factor, mainly because of poor lifestyle habits that can set you up with the following risk factors:

High blood pressure (hypertension) High blood cholesterol Diabetes Being overweight Excessive alcohol consumption Physical inactivity Smoking Stress. While most heart attack victims are middle-aged or older, the average age for a first attack is 66 for men and 70 for women, although people in their 20s and 30s also have heart attacks. The risk of a heart attack climbs for men after age 45 and for women after age 55.

Now add anger to the list of risk factors that you can do something about…

Science confirms link between anger and heart disease Harvard University researchers brought defining research to light with their review – published in the European Heart Journal in 2014 – which took into account studies that made a correlation between anger and a host of cardiovascular issues between January 1966 and June 2013. From the results of nine particular studies, researchers put together and re-examined data on 5,000 heart attacks, 800 strokes and 300 cases of ventricular arrhythmia – or an abnormal heartbeat.

They worked out that the annual rate of heart attacks out of 10,000 people, who are angry just once every month (honestly, just once a month?!), increases slightly among those with a low cardiovascular risk, and by nearly five in those who have a higher cardiovascular risk. Still, for those who exhibited at least five outbursts of anger every day, this figure rises to 158 additional heart attacks for those with low cardiovascular risk, and 657 extra heart attacks for those with a high cardiovascular risk.

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