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The Power of Positive Intentions

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Susan K. Minarik | Positive Living Now

“Life proceeds out of your intentions for it. When you are aware of this, you can live your life deliberately.” ~Neale Donald Walsch

Back in the middle of the last century, fathers used to ask their daughter’s dates, “What are your intentions toward my daughter?”

What Dad wanted to know was whether the young man‘s purpose was an honorable one or not.

That’s what an intention really is: a motivating purpose.  Our intentions identify our direction and provide criteria for the choices that we’ll make.  More than that, an intention is an energizing force, carrying us toward the results we want to achieve.

Intentions are the foundations on which we build our goals.  If you set a New Year’s resolution to lose twenty pounds, for example, your intention is probably to be healthier or more attractive.   If you resolved to start your own business, your intention may be to achieve financial freedom or to create a life style that would be more self-directed, creative and fulfilling.

In the end, all intentions are about tapping into more happiness.  And by ‘happiness’ I mean the whole range of positive emotions that contribute to our sense of flourishing and well-being: joy, serenity, engagement, meaning, gratitude, pride, love, peace.  That’s what we’re all really after.  We want to feel good about ourselves and the life that we’re living.

So, echoing the Dad I mentioned, let me ask you, What are your intentions?  What  purposes are motivating you?  What are you hoping to achieve?

The more aware you are of your intentions and the clearer they are, the more READ MORE: http://www.positive-living-now.com/the-power-of-positive-intentions/

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