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Vitamin D is God’s Vitamin

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In ancient days, people of old would stare into the sky and believe the sun to be a god, worshipping it for its life-giving qualities and light. Today, science and medicine have shown the power of the sun is no less spectacular. In fact, one of the only nutrients absolutely crucial for health and well-being comes directly from absorption of the sun’s vital rays. By taking in the life and light of that glorious ball of fire in the sky, Vitamin D is directly assimilated into the body, boosting immunity and activating higher awareness. One could say, given all the amazing qualities attributed to adequate vitamin D intake, that vitamin D is God’s vitamin.

If one lives out of the range of full-year exposure to the sun, it is not uncommon to feel a little blue in the winter months when clouds hang languidly over the source of vitamin D in the sky. Truly, the big D could be considered God’s vitamin due to its ability to support health, happiness, well-being and a long life. Humans do not produce vitamin D without the vital light from the sun. A little deeper reflection on this reality could bring one into the awareness that vitamin D is actually a vitamin derived directly from light. It is a vibration, and a high vibration at that. Without it, the human frame seems to suffer bouts of moody depression and bodily ailments.

It seems as though people living on tropical islands and sun-soaked climates are the happiest, most carefree people on the planet. There is no accident that sunlight in high doses equals joy, uplifted spirits, health and bliss – all qualities one could associate with a deity, when experienced as the overriding emotions in a being.

Though called a vitamin, the famous D is actually a hormone precursor and is necessary for nearly every vital function in the body, including the regulation of READ MORE: http://guardianlv.com/2015/01/vitamin-d-is-gods-vitamin/#48otGRRoOQbWkfoF.99

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