A Few Word on Staying Motivated…

How To Stay Motivated & Keep The Flow in Your Life

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We’ve all been there…totally unmotivated, completely un-amused with our current endeavors and just “not feeling it”. This happens to the best of us…writer’s may experience writer’s block, artists may lose their connection to creativity and inspiration, and go-getters, well they may prefer at times to rather stop-getting.

Whatever you do and whatever the cause of your (hopefully) temporary halt in action, what is the same for everyone is what can get you moving again… and that’s reconnecting with the love you have around what you’re doing. Love is the ultimate motivator (though most would say it’s fear), and when we connect to that which we love, the work tends to not feel as hard, as annoying, or as exhausting.

When we are “in the flow” it’s actually that we’ve surrender to the natural movement of life. We are literally in the frequency of creation, development and implementation. The higher our frequency, the more tuned in we can be to the love of what motivates us naturally. This is why we hear people talking about “raising their vibration”. It’s not just some hippy woo-woo, this is the literal science of energy and magnetism.

When we are connected to what I call our TRUE selves, things tend to seem effortless because you’ve moved your ego out of the way and without ego-mind presence, you’ve cleared away the mental muck that starts to plant seeds of doubt when we begin new endeavors we are excited about. We usually don’t see the seeds start to sprout until something manifests from it in our physical world, and we turn the tangible into the terrible. We become subconsciously affected and may start to wonder why we are “plateau-ing” when it comes to our goals.

The trick is to be aware that soon after you start something big, the ego WILL try to interfere. It will do whatever it can to survive and convince you not to change at all. The ego prefers to keep you living so small that you never even consider going after your dreams. It wants to convince you that you need it as your ultimate guide and so the ego will induce fear-based seeds into your psyche the minute it senses change about to occur. This is why the last mile is always the hardest…especially with a self-doubting ego chirping in your ear.

But sometimes when you are able to drown out the chirping, you begin to hear a softer voice within. This is the voice of Spirit or your “Higher Self”; that TRUE self I referred to earlier, and it cannot and will not ever lie to you because it has no outer agenda. Your Higher Self is your ultimate guide that is always leading you to your greatest version of you! It calls to us more softly and gently, but when you feel that kick of intuition, always listen to it for that READ MORE: http://consciouslifenews.com/stay-motivated-keep-flow-life/11119299/

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