How to Create Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet…

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Natural Medicine Cabinet

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I’ve never been one to load up on medicine–never. Even in my super conventional days, I would only take medicine as a last resort.

I only took one antibiotic in childhood–for strep throat, as a teenager. And the only other antibiotic (besides during labor) I’ve had since was for a sinus infection when I was 25.

My husband and I laugh at how, in a state of delirium, I accused him of trying to poison me for “forcing” me to take an ibuprofen when I had fever with mono. We were engaged, and he comes from a family of doctors who thought nothing of taking painkillers.

Part of the reason I disdained conventional meds–even long before my healthy living journey began–was because I didn’t like how they made me feel. Sure, tylenol would relieve a headache, but allergy meds always made me feel loopy. Taking them almost made me feel worse than the allergies themselves.

When I became a mom, I decided to begin researching more natural alternatives to healing.

And so my natural medicine cabinet was born.

I’m happy to say that my family still only uses conventional medications as a last resort–but we don’t just grin and bear illnesses anymore. We conquer them head-on with these more natural alternatives.

Building a Natural Medicine Cabinet
When I began preparing for this post, I was shocked to find just how full my natural medicine cabinet has become! It was not always like this. It has taken years to build up my natural medicine cabinet.

It would be very expensive to stock a full natural medicine cabinet all at once. If you have the resources, then go for it! But if you are a on tight budget, you can still begin replacing READ MORE:


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