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Dr Victor Marchione | June 24th, 2015

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We’ve all experienced muscle pain at one time or another. You know, the kind triggered by muscle strain, nerve compression, injury, not to mention joints that are completely worn down.

Whether it happens suddenly or gradually, muscle pain can cause plenty of discomfort – things like tightness, hardness or a bulging feeling in your muscle – during those times you really want to relax and be able to get back to your day-to-day tasks. We all like a quick fix, but turning to painkillers shouldn’t be your first route of treatment. There are foods that are natural muscle relaxers, along with home remedies for muscle relaxants. We’ll talk about those in just a minute.

First, how does that pain and discomfort happen? We’ve all been there! There’s general soreness after exertion, what’s typically caused by micro tears in the muscle. Over a period of time, this soreness fades as the muscles rebuilds itself even stronger to accommodate your physical activities.

Muscle cramps, sprains and overuse

A muscle cramp, on the other hand, may be linked to exercise or injury, dehydration, blood flow problems, certain medications, or a lack of minerals, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Muscle cramps are characterized by strong, painful contractions or tightening that comes on immediately and lasts anywhere between a few seconds to several minutes.

Then there’s a muscle sprain, an injury to tissue connecting two or more bones at a joint, commonly known as a ligament. In this type of sprain, one or more ligaments is torn if not stretched to its limit. Similarly, muscle strain is the stretching and tearing of a tendon – that’s the tissue that connects bones to muscles. Both sprains and strains generally are caused by overuse or trauma, such as falls, twists and other impacts.

There are two sides to the coin. Whether it’s overwork or underuse – not using muscles is equally as problematic! – muscles will continue to ache and feel spastic during the course of our lives.

But don’t fret; you can try one of these 6 homemade natural muscle relaxers. There are a number of herbs that can help as a natural herbal muscle relaxer, and also foods that are natural muscle relaxers. Each one of these will help to relieve everything from sprains to strains, and muscle soreness to cramps.

6 Effective natural muscle relaxers
1. Massage and movement. A simple massage helps to stimulate blood circulation to an area affected by muscle pain or spasms, speeding up the healing process. Eventually, your muscles will build up, and you’ll be able to do more with far less discomfort. That’s because our muscles tend to want to stay doing whatever they’re doing, unless we force them to change.

In other words, if you feel your muscles tense up, they will remain tensed up. So simply stand up, walk, run, stretch and perform your favorite activities – whatever you can do to stay active as you get older. Massage and movement are some of the most natural muscle relaxants for back pain, especially. READ MORE at:

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