12 Great, Healthy, Homemade Christmas Ideas…

12 Homemade Edible Gifts Ideas (ethical, vegan & gluten free)

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Giving a gift is an opportunity to really express our heart and soul. Giving speaks volumes of the compassion that we feel toward others. Giving a gift is also an opportunity to express how much we care about the world around us. When I give gifts, I want to make sure that I am celebrating my love for all sentient life within everything I share. To me that means honouring Mother Earth by being resourceful, making gifts with whatever I have to hand, and creating delicious vegan treats with ethical, compassionate ingredients. It brings me so much joy to watch my friends beam with delight as they receive their very own ‘made with love’ packet of deliciousness (lots of my favourite recipe ideas when you scroll down).

The awesome thing about making your own, is that nothing has to be perfect; in fact one of my favourite presents was a crotchet dish cloth… the first time my friend had even done such a thing. It was perfectly imperfect and unique. The most important thing is that I was totally bowled over that my friend had spent all that time creating something especially for me. That’s love!

This article is all about homemade ethical sweet treat ideas. It makes a real difference to know that you are truly giving from the heart, without causing harm to other sentient life in the process. With a little imagination you can dress up a small, clean food container with pretty wrapping paper, line with parchment paper and tie a ribbon on it. Jars with a ribbon work a treat too. I save gift paper and ribbons to reuse for this sort of thing. The whole ‘homemade’ process makes me feel so connected with the person I will be sharing with: I feel a beautiful depth of gratitude, which gives me the opportunity to honour the true spirit of compassionate giving. In fact, the world just feels like a much better place!

Here are some of my favourite sweet treat recipes, exactly the sort of thing I love to give my friends and family as gifts. There are super easy idea and those that are a bit more fancy – they’ll love ’em all the same!

1. Easy Chocolate Truffles

These Raw Chocolate & Almond Truffles are so easy and everyone loves them…

2. Coconut Chocolate Fudge

I can’t believe how melt-in-the-mouth amazing this Coconut Chocolate Fudge tastes. It’s a recipe that will sweep your friends off their feet and have you signing up for Master Chef after the 2nd bite! READ MORE: http://www.trinityskitchen.com/12-homemade-edible-gifts-ideas-ethical-vegan-gluten-free/

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